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About Our Health And Social Care Recruitment Services

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In May Nurses.co.uk welcomed 240,000 people across nursing and care. We delivered over 11,500 applications for the jobs advertised across our 4 sites. Find out how we can help you hire!

240K Users in May - Google Search Console

11,649 Health & Social Care Applications

We're Niche Jobs. Let us help you hire!

Here's the latest data and info updated 12th June 2023.

In May, 11,649 applications were made cross our 4 sites.

Our flagship site, Nurses.co.uk, welcomed almost 240,000 users.

A total of 280,060 people visited our 4 sites.

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About Us

We've been running Nurses.co.uk and our 3 other career development websites since 2008.

Our audience are nursing, health and care professionals.

We provide them with job search, training courses and advice to inspire and develop careers.

Our job search and recruitment tools provide jobseekers and those hiring with a fully functioning job board - integrated into our other services (CV search, CV Watchdog, Jobs By Email, CV builder).

Audience Data As Of June 2023

• 208,060 Website Audience (during May 2023)

• 11,649 Applications (during May 2023)

• 3,146 New CVs (during May 2023)

• 437,166 Total CVs (as of June 12th 2023)

• 132,675 Email Subscribers (as of June 16th 2023)

• 20,877 Facebook followers (as of June 12th 2023)

• 21,900 Instagram followers (as of June 12th 2023)

• 7,496 YouTube subscribers (as of June 12th 2023)

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Customers And Testimonials

Since 2008 we've helped hundreds of agencies and employers find the nursing, care and medical staff they need.

These represent just a few of those organisations.

Our customers are:

● Recruitment Agencies

● Advertising Agencies


● Local Authorities

● Care Homes

● Private Healthcare

● Home Care Agencies

● Primary Care

Shayne Parfrey, Jarrodean Healthcare

"Thanks to Niche Jobs we've made some good placements over the years. I know they work hard to reach nurses and other healthcare staff that I can't find elsewhere. They are genuinely interested in providing a useful, free service with information for their audience - setting them apart from stand-alone jobs boards."

Beyond Interactive Communications (Care UK)

"We've worked with Nurses.co.uk for many years now. They're fine partners: friendly, cooperative and really happy to help. They also come to us with innovative ideas and suggestions on improving response rates, job ads and suggesting raised activity levels."

Kim Newland, WSA Comms (Priory Healthcare)

"Just wanted to say a big thank you to the Niche Jobs team for providing excellent customer services for our clients. They are always on hand to help, respond promptly and are a pleasure to deal with."

Brenda Walcott - Adult Nurse

"These services are a great support for us healthcare workers. So a big thank you for all you do. I will definitely make more effort to support, use and share this site with my colleagues!"

Zuva Chinhori - Live-In Carer

"As someone who is passionate about Care and in particular the role of Care Workers, I find the work they are doing on Socialcare.co.uk to be greatly beneficial to advancing the cause as I get to learn about other perspectives.

I feel this is something that is very important if we are to overcome the challenges the sector faces."

Claire Carmichael - Practice Nurse

"I love Nurses.co.uk because it is unlike any other website I have known, certainly in nursing. They seem to really care about the people (us, the care staff). They get real life stories and blogs from those working in healthcare to share their experiences with others - they give back to our NHS too!"

Aine Mac Grory - Pharmacist

"It's great to have access to a site that specialises in jobs based in the healthcare industry. Healthcarejobs.ie makes job hunting so much easier as it has all the relevant jobs I'm looking for in one place - saving me from having to scroll through massive databases of irrelevant jobs on larger job advertising websites."

Google Organic Search & Direct Traffic

We win traffic, we don't pay for it: organic, direct, email

85.9% of our traffic comes from organic search.

12.1% of our traffic arrives direct - proving our brand is known within the sector.

1.9% of our traffic is thanks to our engaged email subscribers with whom we communicate daily.

We rank in the Top 3 on Google for most of the sector's top phrases, and in the top 10 for 100s of our target phrases.

Over the past 12 months, 2.3 million people have visited Nurses.co.uk.

Social Media

We are very active on social media:

22,000 followers on Nurses.co.uk's Instagram - enjoying our expert advice and fun stuff
The voices of our contributors on our Facebook page

We've been active on social media since 2008.

Our affiliate community and advocates on social media help us spread the word.

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Contact Us

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