• 07 December 2020
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Why We Have Made Pay And Location Mandatory

  • Matt Farrah
    Nurses.co.uk Founder & CEO
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Every job ad will have pay and specific location labelled to help jobseekers

We’ve made four changes to help jobseekers find jobs on our sites more easily.

1) ‘Refine by pay’ options when job searching

2) ‘Work From Home’ label for jobs

3) We'll make it mandatory for every job to have very specific location details

4) We'll make it mandatory for every job to have very specific pay details

Here's Why We've Done This

We know what jobseekers need to know when they’re looking for a job:

- where the job is

- what it is they’ll do

- what they’ll be paid

We understand there are still reservations among recruiters around this: it’s competitive and those hiring believe that by not revealing too much they will widen the recruitment net and catch more interested jobseekers.

This possibly used to work. But due to the way users search, and the way search tools work, this is no longer the case.

Being specific helps your jobs surface in searches.

You may also feel lack of clarity prevents your competitors knowing too much about the roles you have.

Again, without this information your jobs won’t surface in searches on pay and location as well as others that do specify this.

More Details

Refine By Pay Option

Jobseekers can now refine by pay on our key landing pages, like this.

New ‘Work From Home’ Label

Covid has changed the way we work, even for the health and care sector. So we've added a new ‘Work From Home’ label for you to choose when a specific location for a place of work isn’t accurate.

Locations - must be a town or city

Some recruiters still prefer to choose a county than specifying a town or city. That will no longer be possible.

Pay detailed for every job

Soon, every job on our sites will detail pay (annual salary or hourly rate). It's what jobseekers need to know.

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  • Matt Farrah
    Nurses.co.uk Founder & CEO

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